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State changes printer#

Name: state-changes

Prints all blockchain state changes performed by a function/modifier and all subsequent function calls.


wake print state-changes FunctionPoolManager.take(Currency,address,uint256) modifies state:   - in function PoolManager.take(Currency,address,uint256):     - MODIFIES STATE VAR reservesOf[currency]-=amount   - in function CurrencyLibrary.transfer(Currency,address,uint256):     - PERFORMS CALL call(gas(),to,amount,0,0,0,0)     - SENDS ETHER call(gas(),to,amount,0,0,0,0)     - PERFORMS CALL call(gas(),currency,0,0,68,0,32)   - in function PoolManager._accountDelta(Currency,int128):     - MODIFIES STATE VAR lockData.nonzeroDeltaCount--     - MODIFIES STATE VAR lockData.nonzeroDeltaCount++     - MODIFIES STATE VAR currencyDelta[locker][currency]=next


Command-line name TOML name Type Default value Description
--name (multiple) names List[str] [] Function and modifier names to print state changes for.
--links links bool True Whether to print links to the source code.