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Complex struct getter detector#

Solidity-generated getters for public state variables do not return array and mapping members of (possible nested) structs. See the Solidity docs for more details.


pragma solidity 0.8.0;

contract C {
    struct ComplexStruct {
        uint a;
        address[] b;  // (2)!
        string c;
        mapping(uint => uint) d;  // (3)!

    ComplexStruct public s; // (1)!

    /* the generated getter for `s` looks like this: */
    function s1() public view returns (uint, string memory) {
        return (s.a, s.c);
  1. Getter for s is generated. Since the ComplexStruct contains an array and a mapping, the getter returns only the non-complex members a and c (as a tuple).
  2. The array member b is not returned by the s getter.
  3. The mapping member d is not returned by the s getter.


The detector does not accept any additional parameters.