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ABI printer#

Name: abi

Prints ABI of contracts in given paths or in the whole project.


wake print abi ABI for contracts/Owned.sol:Owned: [ { "inputs"[], "stateMutability""nonpayable", "type""constructor" }, { "inputs"[], "name""InvalidCaller", "type""error" }, { "anonymous"false, "inputs"[ { "indexed"true, "internalType""address", "name""oldOwner", "type""address" }, { "indexed"true, "internalType""address", "name""newOwner", "type""address" } ], "name""OwnerChanged", "type""event" }, { "inputs"[], "name""owner", "outputs"[ { "internalType""address", "name""", "type""address" } ], "stateMutability""view", "type""function" }, { "inputs"[ { "internalType""address", "name""_owner", "type""address" } ], "name""setOwner", "outputs"[], "stateMutability""nonpayable", "type""function" } ]


Command-line name TOML name Type Default value Description
--name (multiple) names List[str] [] Names of contracts to print ABI for.
--skip-empty skip_empty bool False Skip contracts with empty ABI.
--out out str abi if --out passed, None otherwise Output directory path. If not specified, the output is printed to the standard output.