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Creating a virtual environment#

Using Poetry#

poetry shell

Using venv#

python3 -m venv env
source env/bin/activate

Using virtualenvwrapper#

mkvirtualenv wake


Using Poetry#

poetry install -E tests -E dev

Using pip#

pip install -e ".[tests,dev]"

Other dependencies#

Pyright, our static type checker, is distributed through npm:

npm i -g pyright

Git hooks#

For Unix-like platforms, we provide git hooks to help with development.

After cloning, execute:

chmod +x ./

Git hooks automatically run these commands when you commit:

  • gitmoji-fuzzy-hook git prepare-commit-msg hook to help you choose a gitmoji
  • pytest tests -m "not slow" when the WAKE_HOOKS_RUN_ALL_TESTS environment variable is not set (pytest tests is run otherwise)
  • black on Python files being committed
  • isort on Python files being committed
  • pyright on Python files being committed
  • mkdocs build --strict to make sure the documentation does not contain errors

Any unstaged changes and untracked files are stashed before running the git pre-commit hook. After the commit is made, the stashed changes are popped from the stash. If this leads to a merge conflict, the stashed changes are left at the top of the stash.