Do you want to learn how to write secure Solana programs? If you are interested in blockchain and crypto & already have previous knowledge in any programming language, continue reading about our School of Solana and register for the upcoming run!

The First School of Solana

From June to August, we organized the 1st run of the School of Solana. A total of 725 developers from all over the world signed up. Due to limited capacity and high interest, we had to select those who attended the lectures based on the responses on the registration form. 320 applicants were selected as Summer School students, of which 141 attended the lectures live and 179 watched the recordings.

Let’s briefly recap the nine weeks, during which we tried to cover as much of the Solana ecosystem as possible.

We started with an introduction to Solana, talked about Rust, Anchor Framework & NFTs, showed the programming model, and also discussed security. During the last lecture, we were joined by Chase Barker, Head of Developer Ecosystem at Solana Foundation.

After the last lecture, successful students received the Ackee Blockchain certificate as a validation of their acquired skills in Rust and Solana blockchain. Although the conditions for obtaining it were quite strict (students had to complete the task assigned in the 6th week and the maximum absence throughout the course was 2 lectures), a total of 46 students completed the course.

Does it sound interesting to you? Good news! Thanks to the grant from Solana Foundation, we can run the course again. 

  • When: September 20, 2023
  • Application dedaline: September 17, 2023
  • Duration: 9 weeks
  • How: in English & online & 100% free

Are you ready to join?

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