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Take your technical skills to the next level and get a certification in the Rust language and Solana blockchain. It's free, too.

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What's this all about?

Do you want to learn Rust and be able to code, debug, and review Solana programs? If you are interested in blockchain & crypto and already have previous knowledge in any programming language, enroll in the School of Solana and get certified by Ackee Blockchain.

  • 100% free
  • 9 weeks, online & in English
  • Start date: Sep 25, 2024
  • Application deadline: Sep 11, 2024
  • Graduation: Around the beginning of Dec


  • Introduction to Solana and Blockchain
    Proof of History, Sealevel and other Solana fundamentals. We will also go through a proper local development setup to get you started in this course.

  • Introduction to Rust
    A gentle introduction to Rust programming language. Principles behind Rust and how they tie to Solana program development.
    Introduction to Anchor development framework and how it helps developers and contributes to security of on-chain programs.
  • Solana programming model I & II
    Let's start developing on-chain Solana programs using Anchor framework. You'll understand how programs store data and state on the Solana blockchain. We will go through all important core concepts of Solana development : Accounts structure, Program Derived Addresses, Handling errors & Cross-Program Invocations.

  • Best development practices and debugging
    Develop like a pro! In this lecture, we will show you some of the best development practices and give you tips and tricks on debugging your programs so you can get up to speed quickly.
  • Front-end for Solana Programs
    Make your program alive! This lecture will show how to implement a simple front-end for our Bank app using the official Solana scaffold.
  • Security
    Hackers away! This lecture will introduce common vulnerability issues in Solana programs, how they can be exploited and most importantly, how you can avoid them.
  • Final Lecture aka Graduation!
    In this final lecture we will wrap up the School of Solana and showcase some of the best final projects.
  • Bonus
    1. SPL Tokens:
    The tokens are everywhere! In this lecture, we will show how to implement a simple program that deals with arbitrary SPL tokens.

    2. Gaming: Gaming is fun! Our guest lecturer, Jonas Hahn, from Solana Foundation, will show you how to implement a simple game on Solana using the Unity SDK.

    3. Token-2022: A token program, also known as Token Extensions, unlocks new business standards and use cases on Solana.

Rules for getting a certification

As validation of your acquired skills in the Rust language and Solana blockchain, you will receive our Ackee Blockchain certificate, which will serve as future proof of your fundamental knowledge.

Before you rule the world of blockchain and Solana programs, keep in mind the following rules:

  • Miss no more than 2 assignments
  • Output: Development of a functional Solana program

Solana Handbook

    We created this handbook to provide study material for School of Solana students. It should serve as an entry point for new Solana developers or blockchain enthusiasts wishing to learn about Solana.

    Read the Solana Handbook.

    • Solana Handbook
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