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Ackee is trusted by top-tier organizations in web3. Our mission is to contribute to a stronger blockchain ecosystem by providing security services, tooling and education.

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Our clients

1inch NetworkLidoSafeAxelar NetworkLayer ZeroTrader JoePendle FinanceMarinade Finance


cLabs is a member of the Alliance for Prosperity and part of the community working on Celo.

We are helping cLabs to secure the blockchain ecosystem by performing security assessments for following projects:

Rockaway Blockchain Fund

The largest European investment fund focused on investment into blockchain and digital assets, with a target value of $ 100 million.

We are happy to support RBF on their investment decisions by our technical due diligence process.

Marinade Finance

Liquid staking protocol built on Solana.

The audit scope was 4 engineering weeks, we co-audited with Kudelski Security and Nedodyme.

Marinade was presented as "The most trusted staking on Solana" on the Solana Breakpoint conference.

Community Gaming

Community Gaming’s platform creates a seamless experience for tournament organizers to host grassroots tournaments and for gamers to compete and instantly get paid when they win.

We have performed a quick 5 MDs review of Ethereum smart contracts.

The audit was not published.


Brahma is the unified interface for multi-chain operations. Experience efficient execution and secure management of your crypto assets.

"Ackee was the ideal partner for our immediate auditing needs, demonstrating deep knowledge of smart account architecture and outstanding delivery and communication."

Alessandro Tenconi, Co-Founder & CEO



Axelar enables cross-chain communication by providing a decentralized network that can be used for cross-chain requests.

"A pleasure working with an experienced and dedicated team that knows the ins and outs of smart contracts. The speed, attention to detail, and curiosity to ask the right questions are exceptional."

Sergey Gorbunov, Co-Founder



The most trusted platform to manage digital assets on Ethereum.

"It is always nice to see the structured approach on Smart Contract security from the Ackee Blockchain team. They give detailed feedback on all levels that help us to improve the security and code quality of our project."

Richard Meissner, Co-Founder & CTO


1inch Network

One-stop access to decentralized finance. DEX and DeFi aggregator protocol across Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, Avalanche and Gnosis chain.

"We had much pleasure working with Ackee Blockchain. They have accomplished several audits for us, and they always met deadlines, making at the same time valuable results even in the projects with a massive codebase."


Trader Joe

Trader Joe is a one-stop decentralized trading platform on the Avalanche network.

"It has been great working with Ackee Blockchain. They’re a new auditing company that also understands web3’s fast pace. The audits they delivered were thorough and on time. Moreover, our engineers picked up lots of knowledge working with them."



Trezor creates cryptocurrency hardware wallets.

"We would like to thank Ackee Blockchain team for their ability to remain objective and work with facts during due diligence. We were impressed by their deep technical know-how and time efficiency."

Tomas Susanka, CTO

Blockchain services

technical due diligence

Smart Contracts Auditing

Our in-house team of security researchers performs comprehensive security audits, focusing on manual code reviews and extensive fuzz testing. Leveraging our battle-tested tooling, we ensure top-tier security. We offer both one-time audits and continuous auditing services to maintain robust security.

smart contracts

Security Tooling Development

Ackee security researchers develop security and developer tooling for Solana, Ethereum, and EVM blockchains. Leveraging our tooling, we have identified medium-to-critical vulnerabilities in industry leaders' smart contracts. We have received development grants from Coinbase and the Solana Foundation for building Wake and Trident, respectively.

complete ecosystem

Blockchain Security Education

Our team teaches about EVM and blockchain security at Czech Technical University, led by our co-founder and CEO, Josef Gattermayer, Ph.D. As educational partners of the Solana Foundation, we offer Rust and Solana development courses through our School of Solana.

Audits that keep you safe

Based on the internal statistics of 648 days.

134 audits

Our experience and portfolio speaks for itself - trusted by industry leaders such as Safe, Lido and Axelar.

82 critical and high issues in 77 audits

We have discovered more than 784 issues so far. 10% of them account for critical and high findings.

1 day to an issue

Our auditors discover a critical or high issue every 5 work days. It takes 2 work days to a critical, high, medium or low issue and 1 day to an issue in general.

Our work & open source tools

Our mission is to make blockchain a safer space. To make it happen, we create security open source tools for developers and auditors.

Wake Framework


Wake is a Python-based development and testing framework for Solidity and cross-chain fuzzing.

Learn More


Trident is a Rust-based framework to fuzz and integration test Solana programs to help you ship secure code.

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Tools for Solidity

Tools for Solidity

Tools for Solidity is a Visual Studio Code Solidity extension that helps to develop securer smart contracts.

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Trusted by the Best

We have received official development and community grants from key blockchain companies and foundations.

Trident Shards

Onboarding developers to Web3

As educational partner of the Solana Foundation we teach developers about Rust and Solana development.

School of Solana

Take your technical skills to the next level and get a certification in the Rust language and Solana blockchain.

Educational partner of
Starts on September 25
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Executive team & advisors

With years of experience under our belt, we are ready for any challenge.

picture of josef gattermayer

Josef Gattermayer

Managing Partner

Co-founder of Ackee & assistant professor at CTU, where he received a doctorate in Distributed Systems. A regular speaker at important blockchain events, such as DevCon and Solana Breakpoint.

Tomas Bayer

Tomas Bayer

Chief Operating Officer

Crypto veteran with a background in managing business for several tech companies worldwide. He provides expertise in operations and business development here at Ackee Blockchain.

Stepan Sonsky

Ethereum Team Lead

Crypto-anarchist and tech enthusiast with 10+ years experience in software architecture and development. He found passion in white hat hacking and taking care of our Ethereum team.

Jan Kalivoda

Ethereum Tech Lead

Crypto enthusiast since 2014, EVM maximalist since he wrote his thesis on Bitcoin L2 security. Committed to securing the Ethereum ecosystem towards Solarpunk future while keeping backdoors for Lunarpunk.

Dominik Teiml

Dominik Teiml

Tech Consultant / Auditor

Dominik is a rock-star auditor and contributor to Ethereum Yellow Paper and Slither. Before joining our team, he worked at auditing firms Trail of Bits and CertiK. Dominik has been in love with mathematics since his studies at University of Oxford.