Overnight Finance is an asset management protocol offering passive yield products based on delta-neutral strategies, primarily for conservative stablecoin investors.

Overnight Finance engaged Ackee Blockchain to perform a security review of the Core of the protocol with a total time donation of 10 engineering days in a period between January 23 and February 3, 2023 and to perform a security review of the specific strategy contract with a total time donation of 6 engineering days in a period between February 1 and February 10, 2023.


We began our review by using static analysis tools, namely Slither and Wake

We then took a deep dive into the logic of the contracts

For testing we involved Wake testing framework and Anvil development chain with a forked mainnet. 

During the review, we paid special attention to: 

  • if the strategy is susceptible to sandwich attack
  • ensuring the arithmetic of the system is correct
  • detecting possible reentrancies in the code
  • ensuring access controls are not too relaxed or too strict
  • looking for common issues such as data validation.


The audit has been performed on the commit e7d61fa on a private repository and the scope was the following: 

  • StrategyUs3UsdcWeth.sol 
  • UniswapV3StakeLibrary.sol 
  • AaveV3BorrowLibrary.sol


Here we present our findings.

Critical severity 

No critical severity issues were found.

High severity 

No high severity issues were found.

Medium severity

M1: Missing data validation 

M2: Usage of deprecated function 

M3: Empty receive Medium 

Low severity

No low severity issues were found.

Warning severity 

W1: Usage of solc optimizer Warning 

Informational severity 

I1: Borrow module is missing implementation for claiming rewards

I2: Documentation

I3: Unused function parameter Info 


Our review resulted in 7 findings, ranging from Info to Medium severity. 

Since the scope was only the strategy contract and two of its dependencies, we have acted to other components as a black box. We also recommend performing an audit of other components. Namely, the BalanceMath contract is important for correct functionality and contracts containing public entrypoints for strategy contracts.

We recommended Overnight Finance to:

  • write a more exhaustive test suite
  • create proper documentation
  • address all other reported issues.

Ackee Blockchain’s full Overnight Finance Core of the protocol audit report with a more detailed description of all findings and recommendations can be found here.

We were delighted to audit Overnight Finance and look forward to working with them again.